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Taking dogs abroad


Taking dogs overseas depends on the destination country.

So the animal. Contact information for the embassy in your country. Before the trip

It is important to go through the ground check process at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

1. Japan or the EU and the United States must check the immunity of rabies.

And have a certificate of immunity against renaissance. Before every trip

2. Rabies titer must be submitted only to a foreign lab.

(Thailand does not accept Labs so Thailand can not issue rabies titers.)

And some countries have to send in 3 months before departure.

3. Must have an animal health certificate. Vaccination history History of flea tick prevention History of flat worm

Especially the EU and America.

4. Microchip Documentation and Microchip History

5. The introduction of cat into Thailand. When the document is ready. At the checkpoint of the Suvarnabhumi bypass to keep the cat at home for 3 months (not detained at the airport. Allows the pet owner to take care of the pet itself.

The process of sending dogs and cats out of the kingdom.

1. Import permit with import conditions.
(Requirement), which must be as follows.

Species of animals, species of animals, age of animals allowed to import
Types of vaccines and vaccination periods
Additional screening tests, such as immunization against rabies. Not less than 0.5 IU / ml.
Etc. (depending on destination country)
Animal identities such as tattoos, microchip
Other prohibited, cut off, tail
2. Those who wish to export animals. Must request permission at the animal quarantine station to be forwarded at least 7 days in advance, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc. By filling the form R 1/1.
Ready to file.

Copy of ID card, copy of house registration, or copy of passport
Copy of corporate registration (in case of company, partnership)
Power of Attorney and copy of the card
Vaccination book with copy
3. Exporters should take animal health inspection before export for 2-3 days, because sometimes it may be waiting for a long queue may cause the plane to catch up.

4. When the application form is complete and the animal is healthy. Check out the animal quarantine. Export license for animals abroad (Form R9) and Health Certificate (Health Certificate) to show to the customs. Airline staff And destination veterinary
Export fee

  • Dogs 50 baht each
  • Cats 50 baht each

Steps to adopt a dog or cat. Into the Kingdom

1. Filing a petition for importation into the Kingdom of Thailand (Form R 1/1) at least 15 days in advance at the checkpoint of animals to be imported, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai.

Copy of ID card, house registration Or a copy of passport
Copy of corporate registration (in case of company, partnership)
Power of Attorney and copy of the card
2. Animal quarantine check will be allowed. The import permit and the requirement for the petitioner take two days to process and the importer must show it to the veterinarian. Make a check and
Animal health certificate

3. When the animal arrives at an animal quarantine (importer), the importer must contact the veterinary officer at the animal quarantine station. Bring the animal health certificate with a copy of the import permit when the veterinarian has checked the document. With healthy animals. Check out the animal quarantine. Import Permit (R.6) and Import Permit (R.7) together with import fee

4. Veterinarians will make a record of keeping animals at the place of animal quarantine. The Department of Livestock Certification for a period of time.
During the quarantine, health checks will be carried out and the importer or owner will be responsible for overseeing and taking charge of all.

5. Importers will have to bring RDS 6 and R.7 to the customs to pay import tax (if any) import fee.

  • Dogs are 100 baht each.
  • 100 baht per cat

Preparing Dogs for Outing

1. England must send blood at a certified laboratory. Do not quarantine dogs in quarantine facilities.

Dogs and cats need to be vaccinated for 1 month prior to delivering blood, microchip, internal parasites. And have animal health certificates.

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