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Knowledge about the dragon fish.


Arowana fish or dragon fish

I have to say that Arowana fish is a formidable. The eyes will be fixed. Look at the opponent in mind. Moving on the water slowly. Shows elegance. And the scales are as pronounced as warrior armor in the battlefield. This is not true of the fact that the “War of Warren” is appropriate and appropriate.

Not only this, but the strength of this passage. But the truth. This fish also.
It is easy to grow and tolerate.

Arowana fish is called as Thai fish or fish dragon fish in the family Ossic Glory. (Osteoglossidae). Seven species of each species are of different origin.

For those who want to fish this Arowana to raise and to know that this fish is a fish in the Cetacean. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)) Arawana fish brought from the jungle is prohibited from sale. Arowana fish are mostly seen as fish species. The cultured arowana is embedded in a microchip beneath the scales for the purpose of being sold worldwide. So it is time to fish or buy fish to see that. Does the store have a permit to take possession of it? If not, do not risk buying it better. If checked It is illegal and retrospective.
Businessmen and business owners Popular and Occupy Because it is believed. Avorana will help you succeed in the business and have an unexpected fortune (fortune-telling), and with a more elegant and high quality fish than any other fish. It is celebrated with ornamental.

Arowana fish farming There should be a medium or large cabinet (60 X 30 inches) and should not be decorated with corners. Like other fish. Because creating shelter, fish will make the fish habitually panic and panic.

Scoropages Formosus has a variety of sources, including Asia, South America, Africa, Australia. But the species of Asia is very popular. Which may be divided.

Arawana Gold, Malay (Blue or purple scales, golden scales, green scales) are the most expensive species among all these species. Imported from Malaysia and Singapore.

Red Aegean Indonesia Shortly called “Red Indo” (red blood bird, red pepper, red orange, red gold) is considered high. And in the party.

Arawana Gold Indo And green arowana Smaller and lighter than the Malaysian gold. It is not a glittering example of Malaysia, but the Indo-gold color is scattered on the base of four types of blue, green, gold).

Dragon fish

Shape – pretty agile shape. Body not overweight. The whole must be both. Body, fins, front – back and tail, both in between moves and stops.

Swim – must be parallel to the surface If the fish is healthy. While swimming The fins and tail are wide.

Scalp – must be curved. No, it looks like a trapezium. Because this fish has a beautiful scales, so be careful not to scaly. Or scaly flakes This will make the hardship immediately. Actually, fish can create new scales instead. But do not forget that. The scales are not distorted at all with the original scales. The cause of the fish scales is shocked fish jump. Concussion can be caused by solids, such as stone inside the cabinet and oxygen pipes.

Tentacles – slender, not bent Must point to the front of either side to be close or spread out.

Eyes – round, both sides must be equal. Sparks of Power And not out of the socket.